Give feedback on the mod design page to help design a custom mod , If there is enough feedback i will machine a very limited one time run of these devices,  at a steal of a price for the participants!

The majority of the  devices & Genesis atomizers are machined entirely from commercially pure titanium, designed to function as simply as possibly, with no parts that wear out or fail.  The switch is incredibly simple, uses opposing magnets, and pocket safe.  The Genesis atomizer is also unique in its single piece construction, and will thread into multiple battery tubes. 

 *Everything Pictured on this site is of my own design, If you have any questions about machining or would like info on specific processes i will be happy to answer any questions you may have.                                         


All magnets used are the highest quality I am aware of for this application , Mag-craft. They are much less prone to breaking than any others i have tested.  If you own one of the devices I have built, and would like to try some different magnets , look for their site. Another great source for magnets is K & J Magnetics.  I guess i should mention to  Always keep magnets away from children and pets !


 Some of the devices sold have unvented battery tubes. Vents can be added for no charge upon request. All are Advanced user devices, and i will not be responsible for any damage caused with or by the device.  Do not use any advanced device unless you are familiar with different types of rechargeable batteries, and how to properly use them. Dont point a loaded gun at anything you dont want to kill either !

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